The Benedictus Residential Summer School



Next year Benedictus will be collaborating with Second Spring on a joint Summer School programme.

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During this course we introduce students to the foundational elements of European civilisation, from the ancient world to the formation of Christian Europe.

We study some of the milestones, both intellectual and cultural, that have marked its development; from Plato and More to Raphael and T. S. Eliot, in each case highlighting the thematic connections between the disciplines.

Whether you have just done your AS levels, left school, are on your gap year or are studying at university, if you are keen to discover some of the riches of western Europe in its philosophy, history, art and architecture, then this course is for you.

The course comprises lectures, classroom-based reading seminars and visits to galleries and museums; this exciting combination of learning techniques is essential in order to emphasise the connections across the subjects and understand the context in which major cultural and intellectual developments took place.

Class sizes are limited to 18 in order to create an intimate and dynamic community of learning. You will be studying, living, discussing and enjoying the company of a small, diverse group of enthusiastic young people on this intense course.

From our students...

"I think this summer school has really changed me, both as a student and as a person. I have learnt how interesting studying is and how beautiful it is to study with such people that are in love with what they do. Living in the college has taught me that being a student doesn’t always mean being alone in my room, but also discussing with the others, asking questions, judging a work of art.” Laura Militello

“I really loved both academically and in general the small numbers of the whole thing. Being one of 12 obliged us to know each other, to talk, to confront and discuss about lectures and visits." Matteo Colombo

“It was really beautiful participating in this course. It has helped me to gain such a love for knowledge! I really loved the environment and the fact that the subjects helped me to a better understanding about who I am. Keep going with this beautiful course.” Cecilia Leardini

“The two [classroom teaching and visits] were perfectly balanced. It has been an extraordinary way to learn and visit London at the same time.” Francesca Capitelli

“It’s been really enlightening to see the world through the lens of the different disciplines and through the understanding of art history and being able to see the objects; it’s really given me a grounding that I think will help me continue in my studies.” Tom Longano

"Here you get the chance not only meet great students, great lecturers, but you make friends with Plato, with Thomas Aquinas, Dante and Shakespeare." Daniel Quiroz

"A really precious kind of education that regardless of what you are going to do is so inspiring and so enriching for the self." William Campbell